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Fast Customs Clearance! Freight Clear provides fast and easy customs clearance of almost any imported goods to the United States. Our simple program allows us to take charge of your shipments, pay duty fee’s and clear them in one seamless transaction. And we can clear goods through U.S. Customs from any port in the United States. So get with the program today, and see how we can take the worry out of your imports. Our Customs Brokerage experts are on call to facilitate the smooth flow of your goods in and out of all USA based ports.

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Step 1

Look up your HTS code on the Harmonized tariff Schedule of the USA site. Get HTS Code HERE>  This code is used to classify the type of goods or product you are importing. If you cannot find or are not sure, continue on to the next step and fill out the form anyway with “not sure” in the HTS code field.

Step 2

Fill out the FreightClear/Cleared and Delivered QuoteFORM as thoroughly as possible. Make sure to include the HTS code and all relevant info pertaining to yourself, your company and your shipment.

Step 3

Check your emailbox for the FreightClear/Cleared and Delivered ticket#. This ticket# will be used to reference your inquiry and subsequent shipment and  customs clearance. Our agents are working hard on your request and will reply as soon as possible.

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File your ISF 10+2 with FreightClear now! FreightClear offers quick and easy ISF filing ahead of shipping your import to the USA!

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